An account, called TA Wallet a/c, is created after successful registration of the user with TA Wallet System.

To register with TA Wallet, Please follow one of the following methods.

Method 1 – Using Mobile App (Android)

Download and install the TA Wallet App from Google Play Store (for Android Phone) In the Login Page, click on “Register” button and fill the details. One can register using mobile number or Aadhaar number.

Method 2 – Using Web Application (Desktop / Laptop)

• Visit the URL:

• Click on “Register” button and fill the details. Registration is possible using Aadhaar number only.

Method 1 – Using Mobile App

• After registration is successfully completed ,You will see the login page where you have to enter mobile-number, password and tap on "Login" button. Then you will login securely and successfully.

Method 2 – Using Web Application (Desktop / Laptop)

• After registration is successfully completed ,You will see the login page where you have to enter mobile-number and password.

•Enter CAPTCHA code as displayed in below Image, and click on "Login" button then you will login securely and Successfully.

If Account is Blocked ?

•Please , We are here to help you

No, there is no fee for registration or using the TA Wallet account.

There are 3 types of TA Wallet accounts – Low KYC a/c, Medium KYC and Full KYC a/c. How to open these accounts and what is the verification mechanism is given below.

Wallet a/c Type Source & Verification
  Low KYC
  • Source:Mobile App
    Verification: OTP to Mobile number
      Med KYC Source: Mobile App, Web App and Digital Partners
    Verification: (1) Aadhaar Number - eKYC with OTP to mobile registered with Aadhaar
     (2) PAN Number
      Full KYC Source:Digital Partners
    Verification: (1) Aadhaar Number - eKYC with Biometric
    (2) PAN Number

    Within one year from the date of registration, user should upgrade the wallet a/c to full KYC. Else, load money is not allowed, but available balance can be used.

    Users registered with mobile app or web app can make fund transfers after 48 hours from the time registration is successful. This is applicable for both “transfer to another TA Wallet a/c” and “transfer to bank a/c”.

    Please refer to the below table.

    Upgrade to Full KYC a/c
               Available at: Transaction Analysts(TA Wallet) Bangalore Office.

    Once wallet a/c is created after successful registration, money can be loaded into the wallet a/c through any of the following methods.

    Payment Gateway Online Banking

    Cash Debit Card  Credit Card Net Banking IMPS NEFT
    Available at Near Digital Partners Mobile App (or)
    Web App
    Mobile App (or)
    Web App
    Mobile App (or)
    Web App

    For all the types of TA Wallet a/c, minimum amount is Rs. 10/- for every load money transaction. Other limits such as maximum balance that wallet a/c can hold at any point of time and maximum limit of load money per month are provided in the below table.

    Low KYC a/c Medium KYC a/c Full KYC a/c
    1.Wallet balance cannot exceed Rs 10,000/- per month
    2.Load Money maximum of Rs 10,000/- per month (includes from other wallet a/c also)
    1.Wallet balance cannot exceed Rs 20,000/- per month
    2 Load Money maximum of Rs 20,000/- per month
    1.Wallet balance cannot exceed Rs 1,00,000/- at any time
    2. Load Money maximum of Rs 1,00,000/- per month

    There is no restriction on Number of Load money transactions.

    • It could be due to one of the following reasons:

    • The issuer bank’s network was down.

    • Your internet connectivity got disrupted.

    • Your bank account did not have sufficient balance.

    • Your bank account was not activated for online payments.

       We suggest you to try loading money into your account again after some time. If you continue to face same
       issue, write to us at

    The Payment gateway is the online payment service for e-commerce portals to provide you the internet payment options. It’s completely safe.

    It could be one of the following reasons:

    • Failed internet connection during the transaction

    • Delay at Bank or Payment Gateway

    In such cases, please write a mail to with your transaction details along with the screen shot if possible and be assured that your issue will be resolved promptly.

    Payment Gateway Charges apply for Credit Card Transactions (Visa/Master:1.90%+ST & Amex 2.75%+ST), Debit card: 0.86% Inc GST , Net Banking: 2.13% Inc GST , UPI : 0.60% of Transaction Amount

    At present, TA Wallet user can pay the following Govt. bills.

    1) Electricity Bill (TSSPDCL and TSNPDCL)

    2) Water Bill (HMWSSB)

    3) APEPDCL

    At present, TA Wallet user can pay the following non Govt. bills.

    1) DTH

    2) Landline

    3) Data Card

    4) Internet

    We are continuously working towards adding more billers to our platform. Please check the app to confirm that your biller is present. If not, do check back later.

    At times, a transaction which shows successful at our end can still fail at the biller’s end for a variety of reasons. We are sorry, we do not control this.

    In case this happens, we will refund your money within 3 working days. If refund is not received within this time, Please feel free to contact customer support or write to us at

    A bill pay can fail due to one of the following reasons:

    •Incorrect customer/ billing information entered.

    •The biller is not available at that time.

    •Biller limit is reached or bill amount entered is incorrect.

    • Incorrect payment details entered.

    So request you to check your entries and try again.

    Generally, it takes 2-3 business days for bill payment to get updated at the biller’s end.

    From the mobile app or web application, use “Fund Transfer” -> “To Wallet” menu to send money to a friend or relative who has TA Wallet a/c.

    From the mobile app or web application, use “Fund Transfer” -> “Request Money” menu to request money from a friend or relative who has TA Wallet a/c.

    No, sending money to another TA Wallet a/c is totally free and the receiver gets the complete amount you have sent.

    Mechant pay is used to make payment to merchants who are previously registered under TA Wallet. Any merchant establishment serving TA Wallet holders will prominently display TA wallet accepted here with a QR Code.

    Merchant ID is unique Four-digit merchant identifier used for identifying merchants / establishments registered within TA wallet.

    User can make payment to the merchant by following methods:-

    1)In wallet go to - Merchant Pay-->Scan code

    2)Please tap on QR code icon (Top RHS) and scan merchant QR code placed at the establishment. Merchant
       name will show on the screen, then enter exact amount and click on Pay. It is safe and simple to use.

    3)One can also make payment by using Four-digit merchant Id (one has to enter that manually in the app) or by

    using merchant mobile number. One has to ask the merchant and take the mobile number. (Please ensure that

    the merchant name which is displayed is correct)

    Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is an instant real time electronic fund transfer service to transfer money from wallet a/c to bank account.

    Charges for IMPS transfer

    AmountRangeStart AmountRangeEnd Applicable Charges
    0 100 5
    101 500 10
    501 1000 20
     1001 2000 50
    2001 3000 100
    3001 4000 150
    4001 5000 200
    5001 10000 400
    10001 50000 500

    No. Only Medium KYC and Full KYC wallet a/c holders can do the IMPS transactions, but not Low KYC wallet a/c holder.

    Yes, it is mandatory to add beneficiary bank a/c before doing IMPS.
    For unregistered users we have provided Quick transfer. (under developement)

    No,there is no restriction to add benificiary for IMPS

    No restrictions on transactions allowed per day, subject to fund transfer limits.
    This is applicable for fund transfer to bank a/c and other TA Wallet a/c.

    • Mobile Money IDentifier (MMID) is a seven digit unique number issued by the bank upon registration of mobile number

    • MMID in combination with mobile number associated with it can be used for IMPS fund transfer instead of Bank a/c and IFSC code combination.

    •Use “Fund Transfer” on the home page in the mobile app. If it is web application, use “Services”-> “Fund Transfer” menu

    •Select IMPS

    •Select “Using IFSC” option

    •Select the beneficiary bank a/c

    •Enter the amount

    •Click on send money

    •Money will be transferred to the selected beneficiary account

    •Use “Fund Transfer” on the home page in the mobile app. If it is web application, use “Services” -> “Fund Transfer” menu

    •Select IMPS

    •Select “Using MMID” option

    •Select the beneficiary MMID

    •Enter the amount

    •Click on send money

    •Money will be transferred to the selected beneficiary account

    •Maximum of Rs. 10,000/- can be transferred using IMPS at once in TA Wallet.

    • Transaction Personal Identification Number (TPIN) is a 4 digit secret code that can be used as additional security
       layer for your wallet transaction.

    • TPIN can be set at the time of registration with TA Wallet or later from “Profile” section.

    • TPIN is used to authenticate all financial transactions.

       Note: Please keep TPIN as a secret code and do not share it with anyone.

    If you have not set TPIN at the time of registration, you can set it through Gear Bar on top left corner. Select Profile -> TPIN -> Enter TPIN and choose security Question for the selected account.

    Note: Please keep TPIN as a secret code and do not share it with anyone.

    It’s easy! Go to Gear bar on top left corner--> Profile. Select "TPIN: Change TPIN".
    Enter your Old TPIN and create new one by giving the security question and answer.

    Don’t worry! , you can reset it.

    Go to gear bar on top left corner. Select "TPIN: Forgot TPIN?" Enter your Security Question and answer.

    Enter the new TPIN and you are good to go.

    Please re-try the entry since there might be connectivity issues.
    If not, then go ahead and change your TPIN as explained above.

    If you are still not successful, please contact customer support.

    No Problem, the app will prompt you to re-enter the correct TPIN. The maximum number of tries allowed.

    • You can review the status of your transaction and other related information in the ‘Mini Statement’ feature.

    •In the mini statement page, to view the details of a specific transaction, click on it.

    In case the transfer fails, full amount will be refunded back to your wallet within 3 to 7 working Days.

    • In Case your transaction is pending, be assured that your money is safe with us.

    • Your pending transfer amount will be listed in the “pending“ queue.

    • Once the transfer is completed, we will let you know via an SMS and you can check the status of
       your transaction in mini statement.

    •If NOT, The amount will be reflect in your wallet within 3 to 5 working Days.

    • You can set a successful transaction as your favourite transaction!

    • This allows you to repeat these transactions at later stage with a single click.

    • After every successful transaction, an option is provided to set as favourite.

    • Maximum number of favourites that can be set is 15. However, if you try to set 16th favourite, old favourite is

    • Click on Favourites section in Home page.

    • Repeat your transaction with the amount as you wish.

    • It can be same as previous amount by default or you can change it.

    To change your Password, click on top left corner, click on profile and click on “Edit Password” to update your Password.

    To re-set the password,

    • In the Login page, enter your mobile number and click on “Forgot password”

    • One Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number

    • Enter OTP for verification

    • If OTP sent and entered match, You are allowed to set new password

    No, it's not required.

    Yes, it is possible.

    • Click on  ,on the top left corner

    • Click on Profile

    • Select Edit profile

    • Edit your email-id and click on update

    • So that your new email-id is updated successfully.

    • Login  to TA Wallet

    • Click on “Recharge”.

    • Choose the prepaid or postpaid option

    • Enter mobile number and Select Service provider

    • Enter the amount you need to recharge (Also browse plans so that you are aware of the latest offers provided
       by selected service provider).

    • Click on Recharge to complete the recharge instantly.

    Unfortunately none of the mobile operators provide the facility of a recharge reversal and hence we cannot offer the same.

    Unfortunately none of the mobile operators allow reversal/refund of a recharge once made. Hence, we cannot help here.

    Yes, you can. In case of your operator and circle are not correctly auto- detected after entering the mobile number, please correct it before recharging.

    Yes, you can recharge your friend’s / relative’s mobile phone using your TA Wallet a/c.

    Multiple recharges for same number are not possible immediately. You can try after 10 min.

    Please write to us at:

    Please follow the below steps for booking bus ticket:

    • Click on Bus ticket icon.

    • Select “Origin and destination”.

    • Select “date of journey”

    • Click on search Buses.

    • You get all available buses in the selected route. Select the Seat, choose Boarding point, Dropping point, Enter
       passenger details and Mobile number.

    • Go to the payment section and click Proceed.

    • You will get conformation status of bus booking to the mobile number which was entered at the time of


    Cancellation Policy:

    • The cancellation terms are shown while booking as well as on the ticket printout/Email confirmation.

    • Tickets booked online should be cancelled online only.

    • Cancellation charges are applicable on original fare but not on discounted fare. The cancellation charges are
       deducted from the collected/discounted fare and the balance is refunded.

    •Sevice Fee/GST is non-refundable for Ticket Cancellation/Service Cancellation.

    • All Refunds are processed automatically upon cancellation of tickets. Your bank may take 5-14 days to credit this
       amount to your account/card.

    • Please note refunds processed for cancelled tickets are transferred to the user’s bank account / debit / credit
       card that was used while booking the tickets.


    The below table shows how the cancellation policy applies for a ticket purchased for Rs 790/-.

    Time of Cancellation Deduction Percentage Amount To be Deducted
    3 day(s) before travel   10%   79
    1 day(s) before travel   10%   79
    4 hour(s) before travel   10%   79
    3 hour(s) before travel   30%   237
    2 hour(s) before travel   100%   790
    Last 2 hour(s) 100% cancellation charge   100%   790

    Please take a screen shot of the error message & share with us at

    RuPay Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created within the Wallet. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts RuPay Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card.

    All customers of Wallet having Full KYC wallet rights can create the Card on-line.

    Once card generation request is raised Wallet will take 2-3 working days to verify the details submitted and generate the RuPay prepaid card for your KYC details.

    Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

    No separate registration or enrolment is required except email verification is a compulsory.

    OTP is One Time Password (Six digits numerical) which is generated by TA Wallet for validating card creation and for confirming merchant transaction.

    If you have trouble receiving your OTP, please click on the link provided at the bottom of the webpage and if you still face problem, please reach customer care.

    You can make maximum three attempts to enter the OTP. Your transaction will be declined after three consecutive failed attempts.

    No, once the Card is blocked you cannot unblock or reuse the card.

    The amount will be debited from the Wallet only when actual purchase using the Virtual Card is completed successfully.

    No; the Card can be used only for making online payments on merchant websites that accept "RuPay” Prepaid Cards.

    Yes, SMS alert will be sent to registered mobile number for every financial transaction.

    For Prepaid cards, online e-commerce transactions are authenticated by OTP delivered to the Registered Mobile number and authenticated through RuPay Pay-Secure platform.

    You can write your queries/concerns on prepaid cards to For further details, please contact customer care.

    • Your password should be complex and difficult for others to guess. Use letters, numbers and special characters
       [such as !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, )] in your passwords.

    • Do not set password that is obvious like your name, nickname, name of your family members, your address,
       your phone number, or any other information that a thief might find in your purse or wallet.

    • Do not use the same password as the one which you use to log in to your computer or access your e-mail.

    • If your log-in Id or password appears automatically on the sign-in page of a secure web page or website, you
      should disable the auto–complete function to increase the security of your information.

    • Create and maintain different passwords for login and transactions. This provides additional security for
       financial transactions.

    • TA Wallet has a login password which prevents unauthorized access.

    • Create TPIN. So that, every transaction for Rs. 2000/- and above in TA Wallet requires you to enter your TPIN
       which is known only to you.

    • All transactions initiated over TA Wallet are carried out over secure bank networks.

    • All communications between TA Wallet and Payment gateways are over encrypted channels.

    • We are an RBI regulated entity. Therefore, your money is safe with us.

    • Notification is used to send notifications, messages, warnings , updates etc to wallet holders.

    • Notification is also used to view complaints raised by the wallet holder. Which can be raised through

      Mini statement(Report Issue) or Feedback( and selecting rating less than 3). It contains important details like

      Complaint number, Order ID for which complaint is raised along with date & time of the complaint.

    You can easily locate notifications by identify Bell icon placed on Top of Home page / Main page.

    Once the complaint is resolved, you will be notified under notifications.

    Your feedback is very important to us. It helps us to serve you better. We love to hear from you not only what you like about TA Wallet, but also what needs to be improved. So please provide your feedback using the following steps.

    • Select “Feedback” from home page in mobile app (in Web app it is “Homepage” -> “Feedback icon”)

    • Provide your rating by clicking on the star position (There are 5 stars provided – 1 star means poor, 5 stars
      means excellent)

    • Write your feedback under “Post your Feedback”

    • Click on “Submit” button to send the feedback to us.

    We are always available for any help or query. We are just a call away. Contact us at:

    Mobile +919916788339

    Please refer to below Esclation Matrix:

    Levels Issue Reported Via Concerned Person Contact Number/Email ID`s TimeLines
    1st Level Phone/Email/App Smita (M)7899976084
     (During office hrs 10am-6pm)
    Within 1-2 working days
    2nd Level Phone/Email/App Uma Within 3-5 working days
    3rd Level          Email Vinod Krishna Issue specific (Max within 30 days)

    If you are our existing customer and have a grievance against any financial transaction done, we request you to login to the application and lodge the grievance under Mini Statement option. This will help us to address the grievance faster. Seeking your kind cooperation

    If you are not our existing customer or unable to login then contact us by call or write to us using the details provided above.